1. Are all Kunes Performance vehicles brand new?


Think again! Kunes slings both brand-new and pre-loved machines. It's a mixed bag of automotive gems!


2. How do our factory warranties work?


Every Performance vehicle comes with a no-nonsense 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. And guess what? Our warranty team is packed with die-hard car buffs ready to jump in and help. Plus, you can get your vehicle serviced at any Kunes dealership nearby.


3. What about those custom matte-painted beauties? Special treatment needed?


You bet! Matte paint is like a diva – high maintenance and proud. Remember, matte is fussy: use only matte-specific products and steer clear of ceramic coatings. They're a no-go!


4. Building my own truck – cheaper than getting a Kunes powerhouse?


Sure, if you're a wizard with a wrench, you might save some bucks. But let's face it, Kunes Performance Vehicles are in a league of their own.

They boast exclusive, custom parts, meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, keep the factory warranty intact, offer financing for those who need it, and are ready to hit the road right away.


5. Can I go wild with customizations on a Kunes performance vehicle?


Yes and no, Kunes offers many options for pre-built custom builds but since we are a licensed retailer of these vehicles we sell what they make. You can always contact a local Kunes dealer for custom options.


6. Is buying directly from Kunes a thing?


Yes, it is! Dive into the Kunes universe through our dealer network. Check out www.shopkunes.com to find your local dealer and start your automotive adventure.


7. Kunes and financing – do they go hand in hand?


Indeed! We offer financing through our network of dealerships.


8. How do I hunt down my local Kunes dealer?


Simple – embark on your quest at www.shopkunes.com. There, you'll uncover the vast lands of Kunes performance truck inventory.


9. What's the price for a Kunes performance vehicle?


Well, it's a "choose your own adventure" scenario. Prices fluctuate based on the package and options you pick. Contact your local Kunes dealer for the nitty-gritty.


10. Does beefing up the suspension system mess with towing capacity?


Nope, not at all. Tow away with confidence!


11. When do the latest performance models drop?


New models make their entrance at various times. Keep your eyes peeled on our websites and social media for all the latest updates.

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